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What i am passionate about being a chef is that I always keep learning, exploring new ideas and experimenting new concepts.

I feel my kitchen like pure alchemy. I am guided by the inconditional love for the local best quality products, respecting them at maximum in their preparation, and also being inspired by multiple tendencies.


"Gastronomy is culture"


My gastronomic roots were born very early with the Mediterranean cooking from my grandmothers, very traditional tastes, made with wisdom and lot of love. After my training in Madrid, where I learned in several important kitchens too, I looked forward feeding from other strong gastronomical traditions. This curiosity drove me to País Vasco, where I found exactly what I was expecting, having the pleasure to collaborate in some of the best reputation kitchens. After many travels, working in top restaurants and hotels, I realized that my working place should be in more human and closed ambient, where I could implicate myself in the full process and not only in a small piece of it. This way Tanit Flavours was borned. A experience shared with you, where I join tradition with innovation, contributing with my strong personal touch.

I consider a honor to have in this project the support of the great talent professionals that walk with me on it.

on board chef experience

If you are looking for a chef to go with you on board, you have found the right person!

Sea passion defines me. I plently enjoy fishing and sailing.

In my services as a chef on board, I give my best, I feel at home.

I have advanced knowledges of security, provisioning on board, and skills to adapt my work to eventual climatology, ubication and crew changes.

International Cuisine

Mediterranean Cuisine

Author Cuisine

With the background experience of multiple kitchens in many countries, we offer you journeys through your palate to cuisines so different as French, Japanese, Italian, Mexican, Basque or Thai.

Demonstrated to be one of the tastiest and healthiest cuisines of the world, you can enjoy the freshness of the foods of our coasts, a unique and delicious culinary culture.

We love slow cooking, with lots of alchemy and care. We seduce ourselves with multiple inspirations. We use vanguard techniques that respect and enhance the products: low temperature cooking, Maillard reactions, foams, deconstructions… taking meticulously care of details, presentations, flavours’ structures, textures… anything to get the perfect and most surprising bite.

healthy food

We are what we eat… if you are conscious of the big importance of nutrition, we offer you the perfect combination of food to take care of yourself and your family… at the same time that you are delighted by the amazing things that we have prepared for you…


Nobody will tell you again that eating healthy is boring!

The best fish is the one that is most fresh. It is for this reason that we use seasonal seafood with salt from Ibiza, which is pure sea salt that absorbs moisture, penetrating better in the meat.

In our recipes you will find fish such as the red tuna trap, sea bass, scorpion fish, octopus, sea urchins and even seaweed, such as wakame, sea spaghetti, nori, etc.

from the sea


If you are a meat lover, enjoy a barbecue made with charcoal or a good roast lamb cooked in a traditional local oven… or even a juicy T-Bone next to the pool overlooking Es Vedrá.


Among the tastiest recipes, we invite you to try a traditional cheek beef, respecting the flavours we always remember ... or a honeyed foie with berries. Do you dare try a sirloin tartar macerated with Ibizan herbs?

to the land

traditional plates

We love preparing the most authentic traditional dishes, giving them our personal touch, but always respecting the local and seasonal products.

We recall those experiences recuperating the taste of rice cooked with fire, squid in his ink, great stews with wild chicken, seamen's dishes, etc. accompanied by sourdough breads.

sweet time

We prepare tables with exquisite sins for the most gourmand palates. Tempt your guests with the purest chocolates of origin, some Caramel Brownies, Mille Fois raspberry with crème, or even some colourful cakes.

 No matter the reason, you will always find the time to taste sophisticated Macarons, whether dessert, at the tea time or craving moments any time in the night.


Be an unforgettable host.

If you want to have the best top-notch event, trust us adding the creative alchemy of our cocktails, with or without alcohol, made with the most varied tropical fruits such as Passion Fruit and Pittaya, amongst others. That special touch will surely give your event exclusive character.


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