Today we have no recipe.
I want you to meet a great chef from La Mancha, although many of you will surely know of his good work in the kitchen.

Talking about Manolo de la Osa and raising Manchegan gastronomy to infinity is all one. Reference in the national gastronomic scene, Castilla La Mancha Restoration Prize, Cook of the Year at national level, and with a Michelin star to his credit, he has been working for many years in his restaurant Las Rejas, in Pedroñeras, province of Cuenca. Following the kitchen of the great cooks of his family, aunts, mother and grandmother, he reinvents the dishes, making a magnificent signature cuisine, where no flavor is confused. Its roots are portrayed, but with something different and special, a fascinating touch.

Talking to Jesús Segura, chef, he told me details of Manolo’s genius. The importance it gives to the perfect seasoning, to the care in making the best sauce of the bottom of your dishes, the harmony of the presentation, the balance of flavors and textures, and of course the absolute fascination to work with it. He told me that only a genius can turn a belly of hake into the best delicacy he has tasted, and that it was one that Manolo made for food from the staff. Only a palate like his and the touch of his hand to know exactly what a dish is missing to achieve absolute perfection.

From these fried webs we want to congratulate Manolo for doing things as honestly as he does them, and because each dish is magnificent, and the whole team for the illusion in this project.