Which biscuits are best kept from one day to the next

Many times you ask me about the biscuits that you are NOT going to consume the same day you make them, and which are the ones that are best preserved from one day to the next.

I’ll make a list of those who can solve the ballot among all that I have published on fried webs, and then each one adapts the list to their tastes. If there is one of my collection that I have not included and you like to do it before, tell us in a comment, in case you can help other readers.

The biscuits that are best kept overnight

Of fruits

Logically, those who carry fruit among its ingredients are more juicy. Here are a few:

  • Normandy apple pie
  • Upside down apple and walnut cake
  • Rustic apple pie
  • Pineapple sponge cake


The easy ones

These others are also very good:

  • The two-colored bica
  • Calm cake
  • Carrot cake
  • Cocalabaza


The invisible

Another type of biscuits that remain perfectly from one day to the next are those that are called invisible, with very little flour and lots of fruit:

  • Invisible chocolate and pear sponge cake
  • Invisible apple and raspberry sponge cake

Fillings or glazes

They will also be better if they have a filling or a glaze, such as these:

  • Tiramisu sponge cake
  • Carrot Cake
  • Tangerine glaze cake



And any of the brownies is also a good choice, since its most important feature is that the outer layer is crispy, keeping the interior juicy, and from one day to the next it does not lose much of either of these two details:

  • Chocolate brownie and coffee
  • The second best brownie in the world
  • Brownie after eigth


Here are some tips, in case they help you:

If you make a cake that has a finish with icing sugar, do not put it on until the next day, just before serving it.
Wrap your sponge cake in clear plastic, without squeezing too much but trying to cover it completely, or tuck it into a large zip bag: these are more effective methods to avoid drying out than the usual aluminum foil.
If you have to do it several days in advance, the only acceptable solution is to freeze it as soon as it cools down, and remove it the day you are going to consume it.
I like the glass bells that are used for pie pies, but if you are going to quickly consume the cake, as much from one day to the next. When the cake is in contact with the air it ends up reserving.
I do not keep it in the fridge, because I think the texture changes a lot. Of course, I try to put it in a cool place, which in my case is a terrace that I have covered.

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