I like very much to use this method so that I occupy very little space in the freezer. I simply seal the bag, without making a vacuum. As you see in the following video, it is very simple. It is easier to do it between two people, because one takes the bag to get as little air as possible and the other closes the machine and seals. And it is essential to put the machine almost on the edge of the countertop or a table so that the bag with the liquid remains hanging.

Then I write on the bag the date of packaging and occupies very little space in the freezer. I use rolls, and so I cut where I want. I seal one side, fill it up where I consider it and reseal it. I find it more practical to do so than to use the bags that already come with specific measures.

  • The broth always has to be packed cold.
  • It does not smell like plastic.
  • There are readers who do it in zip bags. The method is valid but I have leaked at times, and I prefer this other method.



To store sliced ​​sausages or cheeses

This is a basic of our summer picnic. Many times I pack them already sliced, less the cheese, which I usually do in a wedge because it is fragile and I do not want it to break in the process. Once I empty them I leave them in the fridge, and they last me a long time. To consume them, I take them out a few hours before. If I have an unforeseen event, I take it out of the fridge and without opening the bag I put it in hot water for 15 seconds, and ready to use it!


For cooking at low temperature

The method of this recipe can be used. The result is spectacular: I recommend you try it, because it will surprise you!


Other uses

And with the method of sealing, without making a vacuum, as you have seen in the broth, you can save many other things, like fried tomato, for example, or this sofrito, or this other sauce.